Expert Witness Compliance Framework

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Compliance Framework

Our comprehensive compliance framework allows us to arrange valuable primary research interactions while giving our clients confidence that their best interests are being served. Here are a few examples of the procedures and controls we have in place.

  • Network Members sign, and annually re-sign, our Terms and Conditions in which they agree that they will not provide confidential information and will keep clients’ interests and information confidential.
  • Each year, Network Members must undergo interactive and sector-specific compliance training.
  • Using profiling questions, we capture detailed information on Network Members’ capabilities and specific conflicts, and use that information to disqualify experts from projects that present clear conflicts.
  • Only Member Programs Network Members – mostly independents, retirees, academics, business owners, C-level executives, or individuals with written employer consent – may engage in ongoing and in-depth consulting.
  • We apply comprehensive rules to every interaction we facilitate (e.g., employed experts cannot consult about their employer).
  • GLG’s web-based software allows client users to monitor research activity and implement their own compliance settings based on their firm’s specific needs (e.g., place restrictions on interactions with current or former public company employees or hardwire custom attestations or screening questions for experts to answer in advance of projects).
  • Both the Terms and Conditions and training are available in 21 languages and dialects.

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