Finding an Expert Witness to Support an LGBTQ+ Asylum Case

Finding an Expert Witness to Support an LGBTQ+ Asylum Case

Gaining knowledge about Croatian LGBTQ+ rights and enforcement.


A partner at a top-tier New York law firm wanted to engage an LGBTQ+ rights expert who could talk about LGBTQ+ rights in Croatia. Ideally, the expert could speak about the social and legal landscape for the Croatian LGBTQ+ community, describe how the protection of their rights has changed since joining the European Union, and outline the government’s enforcement of these rights.

The GLG Solution

Within 48 hours, GLG proposed an expert with more than 30 years of experience in human rights for the LGBTQ+ community and a background in asylum cases. The expert specializes in discrimination and has authored more than 15 scholarly articles and books on the topic.


GLG located the expert through custom recruitment techniques and mediated a successful rate negotiation for the expert’s testimony.

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Custom Recruiting:

GLG custom recruited an expert witness with 30+ years of experience in LGBTQ+ rights and asylum cases.

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