Learn more about our recent examples of CSAT and NPS study for a healthcare-focused BPO player, and a private equity player for its BPO portfolio company.

GLG Customer Satisfaction and NPS Tracking Studies

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Linking you up with top-tier consultants for CSAT and NPS Tracking studies

Unprecedented challenges faced by the new normal business world means that it is now more important than ever to understand your customers’ feelings. A continuous shift in product offerings and consumer focus has led companies to consider alternate delivery methods. The ability to acquire that knowledge ahead of competition can better inform your business planning and investment decisions.

However, getting an honest appraisal of customer satisfaction levels is never easy, let alone deciphering the true meanings behind every number. This is why top-tier consultants are in high demand not just to design and lead the studies but also provide critical industry context in order to deliver actionable insights.


GLG Projects team provides the right combination of expertise, leadership, and experience for any CSAT and NPS studies that you want to carry out.

For each project, GLG Projects will form an internal team that comprises of:

  • Top tier consultants experienced in CSAT and NPS tracking studies
  • Expert industry advisors
  • An internal GLG project manager


In-depth interviews to get deep insight into the drivers of your customers’ feelings, and how you measure up against the competition. The studies can run at regular intervals to align your business needs.

If you are interested in finding more about your customer satisfaction levels, please fill in the form, and our GLG Projects Team will be happy to help.

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