GLG Network Survey: Semiconductors Supply Chain

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GLG interviewed 60 senior executives working within the semiconductors space (suppliers/ distributors, manufacturers) commented on the latest market dynamics and COVID-19 impact on the industry.

What will you learn from this survey?

  • Respondents commented on the latest market dynamics and COVID-19 impact on the industry.
  • The survey also gathered insights into sales volume in demand vs actual shipment due to the current chip shortages.
  • Lastly, experts commented on the importance of the overall geopolitical situation and concrete geographical location of the foundry wafer fab when thinking of future service and manufacturing contracts.

Examples of findings:

  • Overall, 47% of the experts stated that the actual sales volume gap in demand vs actual shipment is more than 20%.
  • In the US and APAC, 71% of the respondents switched manufacturing capacity between foundries due to supply capacity restrictions, compared to 40% recorded in Europe.
  • When asked to estimate a sustainable longer term CAGR for the overall semiconductor industry, more than half of the respondents (51%) mentioned “between 5% and 7%”.


The GLG Surveys team drafted the questionnaire with the support of GLG Council Member, Hans Rijns, former Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Research at NXP Semiconductors.

  • 1 x Individual responses (“raw data”) in Excel.
  • 1 x PPT report with aggregated data.
  • Executive summary with key takeaways and highlights from the raw data.


  • What is your outlook for the demand to supply volume gap develop in the following periods?
  • How would you estimate the split of actual volume demand in terms of inventory (re)build versus actual sell-through?
  • Are you facing increases in Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) due to price raises in Foundry services (wafers or materials)?
  • In your view, how much do the chip shortages impact the following technology nodes?
  • Which of the following product classes are mostly affected by supply shortages?
  • Have you switched manufacturing capacity between Foundries due to supply capacity restrictions?
  • Do you anticipate Foundries to proactively adjust their global supply chain geographics, i.e. shifting capacity from Asia to EU or USA?
  • How are you seeing ASP rising/falling quarter-by-quarter for semiconductors?


This survey is available to subscribers of the Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) sector (Limited subscriptions and above). This offer includes the raw data file and a high-level presentation through PowerPoint. Please contact your GLG representative for details on your firm’s access.

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