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Real-world Expertise, Whenever You Need It

GLG brings the power of insight to every great professional decision. Whether you need to broaden your team’s acumen through short-and long-term projects, or you’re seeking staffing support through position or board placements, our experts represent in-the-trenches intelligence earned through real-world experience.

Have You Even Scratched the Surface?

GLG Network Members hail from nearly every industry. No matter what you’re working on or which audiences you’re targeting, we’ve got you covered.


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Telecom Experts


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A True Research Partnership
Our Client Solutions team is your gateway to a world of extraordinary insight. When working with your GLG representative on a new project, consider providing the following information for best results:

What are you looking to learn about, validate or discuss? We can work with general markets or niche concepts.

How do you plan to apply the insights? What overarching business priorities are you working towards?

What are the 3-5 questions that you would like to ask potential experts?

What are the must-haves for any potential experts in terms of knowledge, company experience, tenure, functional skills, product knowledge, and geography?

What is the ideal number of experts for this project?

What is the timeline for your project?

Learn From the Best, Then Apply It
Let our team help you maximize the value and insight derived from GLG’s network of insights. Be sure to tap into our many resources available to keep your own career moving forward.
Strategies for Successful Surveys

The GLG Surveys team shares survey best practices to help you produce relevant and actionable survey data.

Mastering the Expert Interview

A guide to help you feel confident conducting phone consultations and in-depth interviews with GLG Network Members.

Voice of Customer Guide

Our primer on the primary research techniques you can use to understand products, customers, and marketplaces.

Professional Development on Demand

Our bootcamp series provides a grounding in financial analysis, covering everything from valuation fundamentals to three-statement and LBO modeling,


A subscription to GLG’s Library gives you access to thousands of teleconference transcripts and on-demand webcasts from events led by our global subject-matter experts. You also get access to a robust year-round program of professional development topics, helpful no matter where you are in your career.


A specialized series of events focused on thematic and industry fundamentals, introducing and breaking down complex subject matter and relating it to current market circumstances.

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