eBook | Recent Trends in ESG Investing: Perspectives, Trends, and Future Outlook

It’s only a matter of time until environmental, social, and governance (ESG) regulation of private companies becomes standard policy in the majority of countries.

When GLG conducted a global survey of portfolio managers (page seven in this eBook), we found that the majority of our panel believed ESG to be a concern for their investors, with little difference between the components of ESG. Respondents ranked environmental concerns as highest (68%), but the other ESG components came in statistically similar, with governance ranked at 66% and social issues ranked at 61%.

In addition to the survey, the Recent Trends in ESG Investing eBook features multiple perspectives on ESG and its place in the marketplace:

  • Recent Trends in ESG Investing — A look at the trends and developments that have emerged recently in public and private markets for investors looking for opportunities through an ESG prism
  • Are Implicit Biases Driving ESG Misalignment? — An examination of the psychology of ESG investing — including how biases can impact how professional investors understand their clients’ ESG preferences
  • Mapping the Growth Trajectory of ESG Investing — A look at the growth of ESG as it becomes a mainstream concern for investors
  • The Role of TIC in ESG — A look at the need for testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) to verify that the companies that claim to be fulfilling ESG requirements actually are doing so