GLG Responds to COVID-19

Since 2020, we’ve provided pro bono support to organizations battling the pandemic around the world. Our COVID-19 relief program has supported more than 100 organizations which collectively reach over 100 million people in more than 40 countries.

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„In situations like these, the world’s needs can often be met by the right expertise at the right moment. And GLG – our network, experts, and team – are here to help however and whenever we can.“

– Paul Todd, GLG CEO, Letter to GLG employees, March 2020
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GLG continues to support organizations tackling the pandemic from every angle – from a nonprofit protecting temperature-sensitive vaccine supply chains, to a government-nonprofit partnership distributing emergency food supplies, to a tech startup conducting contact tracing in the developing world.

We’re pitching in wherever we can. Here are just a few of the GLG projects we’ve completed with organizations fighting COVID-19 and those helping in the relief effort:

  • Anti-Counterfeit Test, Drug & Vaccines Solutions
  • At-Home Diagnostics Kit Logistics
  • Capital Raising for Emergency Response Fund
  • Clinical Trials and Patient Data
  • Communication and Awareness Strategies
  • Contact Tracing Apps
  • Contingency Planning
  • Convalescent Plasma/Plasmapheresis Reimbursement Perspective
  • COVID-19 Equipment
  • Equitable Vaccine Access
  • Expanding Distribution of a Diagnostic Outside of the U.S.
  • Financial Security for Low-Income People
  • Food Box Delivery Programs
  • Healthcare & Telephone Triage
  • Implementing Telehealth Services for Community Health Centers
  • Inhalers for Treatment of COVID-19 Lung Failure
  • Innovative N95 Design Capabilities
  • K-12 Online Management
  • Marketing For Healthcare-Related Nonprofits
  • Measuring Community Impact
  • N95 Production and Licensing
  • Negotiating Contracts with Health Insurers
  • Outdoor Learning
  • Partnerships with Governments and NGOs Best Practices
  • Patient Data Privacy Best Practices
  • Peer Health Coaching Programs Best Practices
  • Procurement Best Practices
  • Regulatory Pathways for PPE and Diagnostic Equipment
  • Rescuing Leftover Food
  • Safeguarding Immunosusceptible Populations
  • Serology and Antigen Testing
  • Sourcing Raw Materials for Medical Gowns and Masks
  • SNAP Benefits
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Testing Reimbursement Landscape
  • Virtual Fundraising Best Practices
  • Ventilator Equipment Quality Control
Examples of Our COVID-19 Impact
Multiplying the Reach of a Triage Helpline for Charitable Health Clinics

Sostento saves lives by supporting organizations on the frontlines of public health emergencies. The organization was formed to support charitable health clinics throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with their Coronavirus Support Network – a volunteer platform and decentralized phone-based triage system – and by sharing their library of best practices, callback scripts, and FAQs for triage. To help Sostento, a new organization, earn the trust of potential clinic partners, GLG connected them with the former VP of professional services at one of the world’s largest telecom companies, who provided insights into raising visibility and utilizing partnerships to increase the volume of callers to their helpline. GLG’s support helped Sostento rapidly expand their reach and impact to dozens of charitable clinics in just a few months.

Distributing Fresh, Healthy Food to More People, Faster

The GrowHaus operates a revenue-generating food box delivery program which supports their community distribution of low-price fresh and healthy food in Denver, Colorado. When COVID-19 led to exponential growth for their food box program, The GrowHaus reached out to GLG to enhance their operations and more effectively handle the increased demand for their services. Along with helping The GrowHaus refine their financial models, GLG experts from three different food rescue and delivery services shared insights that enabled the organization to implement an improved assembly line structure, new inventory tracking, key adjustments to their product offerings and delivery schedule, and more.

Building Digital Health Services to Help Patients in India and Bangladesh

Noora Health trains hospital patients and caregivers in high-impact, life-saving skills to reduce preventable complications following surgery. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Noora has worked to expand their digital health services and content through WhatsApp and automated voice assistants. GLG has supported Noora in this process, connecting them with the head of experience at a digital health platform, the former director of product and analytics at a digital media company, and other experts. These insights into digital healthcare platforms, content management, and data analytics have informed Noora’s COVID-19 patient support program; they have created content about COVID-19 prevention and healthcare worker safety, and disseminated these tools in partnership with government bodies to as many stakeholders as possible.

Preparing COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Chains to Reach Remote Areas

Nexleaf Analytics designs sensor technologies, generates data analytics, and advocates for data-driven solutions to global challenges. As Nexleaf prepares to assist global stakeholders in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, GLG has helped the organization conduct research into cold storage supply chains – connecting them with a former director of vaccine supply and demand at an international vaccine specialty organization, as well as a former executive at a pharmaceutical company with 16 years of experience manufacturing and managing cold chain distributions channels. Nexleaf has also turned to GLG experts for best practices in strategic marketing and communications, increasing the organization’s focus, clarity, and capability to effectively share their message.

Delivering Mental Health Services to People Most Impacted by COVID-19

Humanity Crew provides first-response mental health interventions to refugees and people in crisis. GLG supported Humanity Crew as they extended mental health services to new geographies and areas most affected by COVID-19. To help Humanity Crew gain insights into disaster relief logistics, potential partners, and data collection methods, GLG connected them with an international emergency field operations team member at a leading humanitarian organization, as well as a conflict and crisis specialist with experience advising government bodies, international organizations, and NGOs. Consultations with GLG experts allowed Humanity Crew to make their expansion strategy realistic and cost effective, better account for COVID-19’s impact, and fine-tune the structure of their field teams for future missions.

Expanding Access to Language and Translation Services for COVID-19 Relief

Translators without Borders offers language and translation support for humanitarian and development agencies and other nonprofits on a global scale. To help Translators without Borders develop an effective communications strategy for communities impacted by COVID-19, GLG connected the organization with the former director of global field empowerment at a leading tech company’s philanthropy arm. As a result, Translators without Borders has been able to more effectively position their services to gain funding and awareness and extend their support to more organizations on the frontlines of COVID-19.

Empowering Communities in Kenya with Accurate Information about COVID-19

Sponsored Arts for Education (S.A.F.E.) is a leading grassroots arts organization working to improve public health in Kenyan communities. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, S.A.F.E. has focused on disseminating accurate information and countering misinformation to prevent the spread of the virus. GLG connected S.A.F.E. to the managing partner of a communications agency in Kenya to help the organization strengthen their online health campaigns and empower even more Kenyans to stay safe and healthy.

Securing Employment for Workers Around the World Impacted by COVID-19

Transformify, a freelancer management system, responded to COVID-19’s unemployment crisis by launching a joint initiative with the Digital Skills & Jobs Coalition of the EU Commission to match job seekers with businesses. GLG connected Transformify to a former CEO and a former CMO at platforms focused on freelance workers to understand how the organization can spread the word about the work they are doing to tackle the unemployment crisis. The insights they received enabled Transformify to increase awareness around the initiative, secure a grant from the U.K. government, and refine their outreach plan in order to help workers around the world directly impacted by COVID-19.

Protecting Patients at Risk of COVID-19 Complications

The International Pemphigus and Pemphigoid Foundation (IPPF) supports individuals with pemphigus and pemphigoid, two rare autoimmune skin diseases that put patients at risk of complications from COVID-19. GLG connected IPPF with two healthcare experts: the vice president of medical affairs at a teaching hospital, and an infection control and prevention expert with 30 years of hospital experience. Their insights helped IPPF better safeguard immunocompromised patients amid the COVID-19 pandemic and scale their health coaching program to reach more patients. As IPPF looked to upgrade their fundraising operations, they also spoke with GLG fundraising experts on a range of topics – from the straightforward work of securing grants to the big-picture storytelling strategy of their website.

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