Custom Market Research on Clinical Research Organization (CRO) Selection

An efficient and precise service model


Consultancies representing Chinese CROs wanted to quickly understand the global CRO industry, focused on evaluating Chinese CROs within global and Chinese biopharmaceutical industries.

GLG’s client wanted to understand the roles, standards, and drivers involved in CRO selection, the advantages and disadvantages of Chinese CROs, and the difficulties of changing CROs.

The GLG Approach

Within a week, GLG selected 30 professionals from the clinical operations, research, and development fields of global biopharmaceutical companies based on the customer’s target profile. These professionals were involved in CRO selection and evaluation at their companies, with 15 from international biopharmaceutical companies and 15 from Chinese companies. Backed by deep experience in the space, GLG led the research on target groups, quickly delivering a research report supported by sufficient data.


GLG selected 30 industrial sector experts from international and Chinese biopharmaceutical companies, investigated their experience in CRO evaluation and selection, and provided an output research report to support customer decision-making, all within the client’s timeline.

Why GLG?

Insights gained from GLG’s experts on the global biopharmaceutical industry informed an in-depth market research report , improving customer decisions and planning in the short term.

Extensive Project Experience:

GLG’s deep market experience allows us to provide accurate and clear analysis to satisfy clients’ research requirements even though we were unable to predetermine clients’ CRO research objectives.

Extent of Research:

GLG’s global expert network was able to assist the client by conducting multinational research across various sectors to provide insights into the global biopharmaceutical industry.

Flexible and Efficient Service:

Within two business days, GLG’s research team completed initial telephone communication with the client and kick-started the research. GLG simultaneously shared its latest research progress with the client, enabling immediate access to the data.

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