Voice of Customer Survey for Tech Giant in Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Pakistan

Perspectives from 240 Respondents to Assess and Improve Advertising Business


A marketing team at a leading advertising technology company had difficulties understanding how today’s marketers in Southeast Asia measure advertising effectiveness across different segments. The team also sought to differentiate their advertising offerings from key competitors.

The GLG Approach

GLG ran a survey of 240 decision makers — 120 from top advertisers and 120 from advertising agencies supporting top advertisers — across four focus markets: Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Pakistan.

The GLG advisor, a former management consultant, analyzed the survey data and produced a final report outlining the key findings before briefing the client. The entire project was completed in under two months.


Using the survey findings, the client adapted its offerings in these key markets and adjusted spending across advertising categories. It then decided to run the survey biannually to include more respondents and markets.

Why GLG?

After running a 240-respondent survey, GLG delivered a final report with follow-up calls, providing the client with the voice of customer perspective it needed to compete successfully in Southeast Asia.

Custom Recruiting

To achieve the target number of 240 experts, GLG recruited close to 200 professionals through its recruiting offices in Vietnam and Thailand within a few weeks.

Survey Design and Analysis Capabilities

GLG Surveys provide unrivaled end-to-end service, access to live data and reporting, and expert support throughout the process. The carefully selected respondent populations ensure response quality.

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