Using Quantitative Insights to Analyze the Health of the Market

Analyzing the Economy through Different Investment Lenses


A professional services firm compiles a report on the state of the economy every year. This report requires a deep dive into how different investment players (e.g., investment banks, hedge funds, high net worth investors) view the economic climate. To provide a holistic and informed analysis, the client team needed data from seasoned investors.

The GLG Approach

GLG worked with the client to refine its survey and fulfill its data needs. After the programming and editing processes were completed, we pushed the survey into field.

GLG sourced brand-new experts from the network and experts who participated in previous years to assess their opinion on market value, future market growth, bull vs. bear categorization, and potential impacts of COVID-19 on the market – among other things.


Our client was pleased with the insights gathered for its 11th annual investor survey. It could measure investor sentiment, market climate, and potential impacts of COVID-19 on the market, and it could make predictions for the future.

Why GLG?

The project team targeted tenured experts in the investment space to provide trustworthy insights, and the client was pleased with the resulting data.


Our trusted network of industry experts is the reason the firm runs its survey every year with GLG.

Project Management

GLG’s consistent and high-caliber project management was a large value-add to a high-touch client that needed a very hands-on project manager.

Project Breadth

GLG surveyed 250 industry experts to provide the client with a holistic view of how investors view the current financial market as well as the market’s future.

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