Understanding the Challenges for a New Vaccine to Enter the Market

Surveying Pediatricians and Physicians to Evaluate Different Product Attributes


A consulting team was helping a biopharma client forecast the potential market penetration for a new pediatric vaccine. They wanted to better understand the decision-making process of prescribers, and which key purchasing criteria and attributes weighed heaviest.

The GLG Approach

The client worked with GLG to recruit and survey more than 100 prescribers including pediatricians, primary care physicians, and heads of purchasing. The GLG Advanced Analytics group worked with the consulting team to create a conjoint survey where multiple attributes could be bundled and weighed against one another to understand the ideal composition of the vaccine offering.


GLG exceeded the target sample size of 100 survey completions and ensured a balanced regional representation. The client said they were “very appreciative of all of [your] efforts” and found GLG’s project teams “incredibly helpful.”

Why GLG?

A client wanted to better understand the potential market penetration and challenges a new vaccine may encounter when entering the market. GLG gathered feedback from more than 100 experts to help the client better prepare for launch.

Applied Methodology:

GLG’s Research and Advanced Analytics teams had multiple 1:1 meetings with the client to ensure they understood the conjoint methodology, helped draft the attributes and survey questions, and reviewed the conjoint simulator to assist the client in analysis. GLG was able to provide top-quality insights to inform the client’s path forward.

Best-in-Class Population:

GLG’s extensive network gave the client access to niche healthcare populations of prescribers, ensuring relevant and precise insights.

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