Understanding Inflation’s Impact on Consumer Spending

Using Quantitative Research to Track and Predict Spend


In the current economic environment, are consumers willing and able to spend as much as they typically do during the holidays? The recent inflation crisis left an investment manager unsure. The client needed answers to questions like, “How much is discretionary income affected?” and “Which sectors will be most impacted during the busiest consumer spending months?”

The GLG Approach

GLG Research designed and executed a survey that captured data from thousands of consumers in the United States. The survey focused on historical purchasing and anticipated spend in consideration of recent inflation trends for the following areas of highest interest to the client: automobiles (both new and used) and general consumer goods (e.g., groceries, clothing, and electronics).


GLG provided a customized survey and deliverables so the client could draw insights on inflation impacts, including past and future consumer spending in key areas, delivering actionable insight needed to confidently go into the season.

Why GLG?

GLG Research designed and executed a custom survey for a client needing quantitative data on impacts of inflation from a consumer perspective in multiple sectors.

Research Design and Project Management:

GLG Research provides full survey design and project management to meet custom research goals, timeline, and budget.

Quality Control:

GLG Research manages data collection, including detailed review for quality and compliance.

Easy Replication:

GLG Research can help design and execute survey projects that occur annually or quarterly to show trends in behavior or sentiment over time.

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