Company Analysis – U.K. Apparel Brand

Leveraging Consumer Surveys for Private Equity Investment Decisions


A global private equity client wanted to learn more about customers’ perception of a famous U.K. apparel brand as a part of its due diligence before making an investment decision.

The GLG Approach

GLG facilitated the end-to-end voice of customer survey process encompassing survey design, data collection, data analysis, and creating a report for the client.

With the help of a Network Member with extensive experience in fashion retail and a focus on consumers’ unaided brand awareness, perceptions of the target apparel brand versus its competitors, and regional shopping trends, GLG delivered a survey designed to satisfy the client’s needs.

GLG Surveys collected more than 1,100 responses and 35 different data points from a variety of demographics (50:50 gender split, different regions, and varying household incomes).


The client used the customer insight report as a part of its due diligence process before making a decision about investing in the apparel brand.

Why GLG?

GLG delivered the consumer insights needed to evaluate a famous U.K. apparel brand. The survey was designed by a GLG Network Member with extensive experience in fashion retail.

The client got a comprehensive report and aggregate raw data in under two weeks.


The survey targeted U.K. consumers, aged 18-40. Demographic quotas were implemented on gender, regions, and household income to ensure a good spread of data.

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