Surveying for M&A Insights in Chemical Manufacturing

How Have Buy-side M&A Transactions Evolved Within the Chemical Manufacturing Industry?


A deal advisory and strategy team at a consulting client wanted insights about M&A transactions within the chemical manufacturing industry. They wanted to understand value creation and value destruction within this space, the metrics that constitute M&A deal success, and the role of data analytics in conducting these deals.

The GLG Approach

GLG designed and ran a survey of 50 experts within the chemical manufacturing industry. To target the right experts in the space, respondents were qualified based on their degree of participation in M&A, strategy and diligence, and operational integration functions.

Using these qualifications, we built a cross-functional chemical manufacturing team of experts that included corporate development, HR, IT, finance, and procurement professionals. The experts’ seniority spanned from director to C-level executive.


The 50 survey responses gave the client an understanding of the evolution of M&A deals within the chemical manufacturing space. They also delivered key insights into how those deals have created or destroyed value. The team used the results in a thought leadership paper.

Why GLG?

GLG ran a survey of 50 cross-functional chemical manufacturing experts for a client to provide insights into how value is created or destroyed in chemical manufacturing M&A deals.

Project Breadth:

One survey with 50 respondents.

Precise Targeting:

GLG targeted experts across functional areas within the chemical manufacturing industry, including corporate development, HR, IT, finance, and procurement.

Dedicated Client Support:

GLG representatives are individually assigned to each project, so the client team received round-the-clock support.

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