Market and Competitive Analysis into Asia’s Health Food Ingredients Market

Understanding key players and trends for healthy food manufacturing and services


Asian customers’ growing demand for a healthier lifestyle means immense opportunities for specialty food ingredients companies. To plan for their expansion into Asia, the client, who is a leading food ingredients manufacturer from Southeast Asia, sought to understand key players, their capabilities, ingredient needs, and emerging trends in the industry.

The GLG Solution

For this study, GLG identified a Network Member with strategic and commercial experience from leading international food ingredients companies who is knowledgeable about the Asian market for a phone interview. The expert shed light on the capabilities of key and emerging players surrounding customer relationships, portfolio strength, R&D and innovation, asset quality, supply footprint, and market access, while providing a comparative analysis of their relative strengths and weaknesses.


The expert shared insights into the regions of Asia already producing health-related ingredients, and their strengths and weaknesses. His thoughts on emerging ingredients that are gaining popularity informed the client’s strategic plan.

Why GLG?

GLG used the insights of a food ingredients industry expert to offer a comprehensive analysis of the Asian market and its key players, to help the client capitalize on the opportunities created by the growing demand for healthy food.

Global Experts with Insights into Targeted Market

GLG identified Network Member with deep experience working for leading global companies and expertise on the Asian market to provide the client with the exact know-how they needed to prepare for their market entry.

Qualitative Insights for Strategic Recommendations

The expert was able to provide commentary on the different Asian regions and advised on what could be the next big ingredients.

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