Identifying Gene Therapy Manufacturing Opportunities

Accessing Insights to Guide Investments in a Niche Healthcare Space


A consulting firm was working on behalf of a client to develop investment theses in the gene therapy manufacturing space.

The client wanted to learn from biopharma experts with 15-20+ years of experience who could speak about viral vectors, DNA editing, transfection cells, and any important regulatory or R&D changes.

The GLG Solution

The project required expertise from a range of specialties. GLG sourced a selection of Network Members with experience in viral vector manufacturing, cell therapy development, large pharma, and clinical development.

The client conducted six in-depth interviews with GLG’s expert panel, including a business development director for cell therapy, a vector R&D director, a gene therapy process developer, and a researcher in target drug discovery.


The client gained an understanding of the gene therapy manufacturing industry, namely the key players, future trends, and regulatory considerations.

The team used these insights to advise on investment opportunities for the next three to five years.

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GLG delivered insights on the gene therapy manufacturing segment, including key players, trends, and regulatory considerations, so the consulting team could successfully advise the client on investment opportunities.

Why GLG?

Custom Recruiting:

GLG sourced 12 experts across the biotech, pharma, gene therapy, and drug manufacturing industries with experience in the client’s desired topic areas.

Project Breadth:

Six in-depth interviews with experts in the cell and gene therapy space.

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