Gathering Insights to Reach Net-Zero by 2030

Exploring feasibility on new technology investment


A large consumer packaged goods (CPG) client sought to understand carbon tax calculations concerning emissions and sustainability. To meet the company’s 2030 net-zero carbon emission goal, GLG’s client wanted to gain insights into alternative gases, materials, carbon capture producers, and the feasibility of investing in new technology.

The GLG Solution

GLG connected the client with an independent eco-efficient comminution expert who specializes in climate change strategy and greenhouse gas management.

Drawing from their experience in developing decarbonization options, the expert helped the client build a business case for large-scale technical abatement options and supporting materials for sustainable finance and investment applications.


The expert completed a written report in two weeks. The report helped GLG’s client identify the best technology in which to invest and better understand how to map out the most efficient path toward meeting the company’s 2030 net-zero carbon goal.

Why GLG?

GLG was able to connect the CPG company with the right expert who provided key insights in a written report within a short time frame of two weeks.

Targeted Scope, Precise Methodology

GLG partnered with our client to identify critical insights on carbon tax calculations with respect to emissions and sustainability within two weeks so it could better design an approach to meet 2030 carbon goals.

Best-in-Class Project Expert

A former consultant with rich experience in climate change strategy and greenhouse gas management provided independent research and interpreted findings.

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