Building a Business Plan for a Brazilian Oncology Clinic

Partnering with an Expert Across a Full Project


A project team from a professional service firm was building a business plan for an oncology clinic in Brazil. They came to GLG to find a subject-matter expert who could work alongside their team to help them better understand best practices for designing the clinic’s hospital processes and scaling teams and productivity.

The GLG Approach

To give the team an understanding of best practices around hospital processes and help develop their business plan, they needed an expert who could provide support for the duration of their study.

GLG sourced the former operations manager at a large Brazilian chain of oncology clinics to work with the team for 15 hours across the study.


The expert used their deep knowledge of the space to help the team evaluate the macro processes of the oncology operation by unit and place, determine the optimal number of full-time employees by operation profile, define major cost lines, and develop roles and remuneration models for the clinical staff.

Why GLG?

A client needed to understand best practices for hospital clinic processes and develop a business plan for a clinic for their client in Brazil. GLG sourced a former operations manager at a Brazilian chain of oncology clinics to work with the team for 15 hours across their study.

Best-in-Class Panels:

One senior advisor, about 15 hours of work over three months.

Advisor Engagements:

The client team partnered with a Network Member who served as a senior advisor offering in-depth support throughout the project.

Extension of Your Team:

The senior advisor functioned as an extension of the client’s team to provide feedback on their work, join meetings, shape their strategy, and serve as a point of validation based on their expertise.

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