eBook: COVID-19’s Impact on Digital Transformation in India

eBook: COVID-19’s Impact on Digital Transformation in India

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The world is increasingly digital. Our personal digital devices are almost an extension of ourselves. We expect speed and efficiency from the companies with which we do business, while the world is served to us through a succession of screens.

Until recently, some Indian companies either resisted or were making gradual progress toward digital transformation, but COVID-19 accelerated the process and underlined the need to integrate digital technology into all areas of a business, creating new or modifying existing business processes to change how they deliver value to their customers and meet changing market expectations.

The four articles in our COVID-19’s Impact on Digital Transformation in India eBook demonstrate how select Indian business sectors were boosted by coronavirus concerns – banking digitization, online education, digital healthcare, and online food delivery. These timely insights came from GLG experts and were presented to our clients in teleconferences or virtual roundtables:

Banking digitization — Digital is becoming a core requirement in all banking services as well as the lending business in Indian banks. Our article reveals how the adoption of all forms of digital financial service tools is accelerating.

Online education — As businesses struggle to find ways to maintain adequate levels of productivity, many are turning to remote apps and software. Our expert explains how this trend will continue in the long run as e-learning technologies continue to advance.

Digital healthcare — The global outbreak has made every country painfully aware of the limits of its own healthcare systems. This article discusses how telehealth and digital solutions became imperative during the height of the pandemic. The nation’s numbers in placing prescription orders on e-commerce portals, for example, is expected to nearly double by 2025.

Online food delivery — Contactless business practice to reduce the probability of spreading the virus has created room for innovation and creativity in some businesses. This article records how the hesitancy for online food ordering is decreasing, so the strong growth of India’s food delivery sector will likely continue.


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