Best Practices in Voice of Customer Research

Best Practices in Voice of Customer Research

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Best Practices in Voice of Customer Research – Watch the Webcast

Shoshana Burgett has spent much of her career advising and creating Voice of Customer programs at Fortune 500 companies. She joined GLG to share a few tips for successfully capturing insights and putting them to good use throughout your organization.

During this webcast replay, we cover a variety of questions, mostly related to the best ways to collect VoC data in the most effective manner possible. For example:

  • How do you go about asking ‘How’ instead of ‘Why’ when you are speaking with customers and non-customers?
  • As you move through the product cycle and get closer to launch, how does your VoC change?
  • How do you best avoid confirmation bias?

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Duration: 57 minutes

About the Speaker

Shoshana Burgett is a thought leader and industry consultant with over two decades of experience in color management, on-demand printing, manufacturing, and personalization. Shoshana has been at the forefront of personalized production and omnichannel communications. She has served as a senior executive at X-Rite, Pantone, and Xerox responsible for incorporating the Voice of the Customer (VoC) into the company’s product, pricing, marketing, sales, and innovation strategies. At Pink Elephant she draws together creative, design thinking, development, lean manufacturing, and marketing to help businesses streamline their product launches and innovate. After decades in manufacturing, Shoshana has turned her sights back to creatives, launching colorkarma, a hub for creative for focused on production. She regularly speaks at industry events and has been featured in HOW, WhichPLM, Quality Digest, Beauty Packaging, Packaging Digest, Printing Impressions, and What they think.

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