Unlock the secrets of successful Australian business expansion into the United States in this webcast presented by GLG Network Member, Paul Adler. Discover the key factors contributing to Australian business triumphs and learn how to capitalize on their strengths and unique global opportunities. Gain insights into Australian and US business culture differences, explore international perceptions of Australian businesses, and identify crucial milestones for venturing into the global market.

GLG welcomes Paul Adler to discuss:

  • Traits of successful Australian businesses
  • Leveraging Australia’s strengths in the global market
  • Understanding reasons for Australian business failures
  • Avoiding common mistakes in international business
  • Preparing for success on the global stage
  • Uniqueness of Australian culture and its impact on business
  • Awareness of Australia in other cultures
  • Indicators of readiness for global business expansion
  • Essential starting points for Australian companies entering the international market

Paul Adler
Principal at Paul Adler LLC

Paul Adler is a global business expert with a track record of helping Australian companies become successful in the United States. He has accomplished this by leveraging knowledge gained from working in the private sector and for the Australian Government. Presently Paul is Principal of Paul Adler LLC which advises companies how to become successful in global markets. He focuses on the front-end decision-making process of what is needed to prepare for global business, identifies what product/solutions to provide and good starting locations. Paul’s differentiator is in the ‘how’ to accelerate global revenue growth.

Previously Paul learned about the challenges of Australian companies that want to do business in the U.S. during his time with the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) between 2005 and 2018.  He was located at the Australian Embassy in Washington, DC. and spanned multiple industries and geographies across the U.S. He became so proficient that companies, governments, and other organizations in Australia sought him out for advice.

Paul used his business development, relationship, and networking skills to win significant business in competitive markets during his 25-year career with IBM.  These markets included the Pacific Rim and the US Government.  In addition, he learned how to achieve results through consultative selling methods.


Please note: Paul Adler will not discuss Paul Adler LLC or any aspect of their respective operations. He may have additional limitations on what he can discuss and will decline to answer questions which are related to confidential matters.

Additionally, this webcast will be recorded. Attendees who ask questions or make comments will not be identified (either by name or affiliation.)




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