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China Gaming Regulation
September 8 2021
Dongxu Gao, Founder of Beijing Entbrains Consultation Co., Ltd.

Outlook of the Afterschool Education Industry: Under the Regulatory Changes
August 5 2021
Bo Zhu, Former Director of Teacher Training Department at Xueersi

2021 China Pharma Policy Update and Outlook
July 27 2021
Yang Cao, Professor at School of International Pharmaceutical Business

Update on Luxury Hotels in China
July 9 2021
Haifeng Zhang, Former General Manager at Shanghai Jin Jiang International Hotels

Afterschool Education Industry
June 29, 2021
Former Director of Overseas Department of New Oriental Shenyang District

China Antitrust Updates – New Era of Regulatory Scrutiny
June 10, 2021
Former Deputy Director in the Anti-Monopoly Bureau of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) (2002-2014)

China’s Cross-Border E-commerce Supply Chain 
21 May, 2021
Former Purchasing Director at Shanghai Sieg Trade Co., Ltd.

Collison of VC and Wealth Management
18 May, 2021
Director of Global Family Business Research Center at Tsinghua University

Coffee Retail Market in China
19 May, 2021
CEO of Guangzhou Pinsheng Supply Chain Co., Ltd

Renewable Energy Storage
13 April, 2021
Director, Energy Storage Research Center at Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation (Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation)

ESG Investment
21 Jan, 2021
Member at Green Finance Professional Committee of China Finance Society

The Application of AR Technology on Smart Car
21 April, 2021
Former Director of Intelligent Vision Perception Department at Banma Network

Outlook of Lithium Ion Battery: The Four Components
24 Feb, 2021
Deputy Secretary General at China Automotive Power Battery Industry Innovation Alliance (CAPBIIA)

Outlook on Logistics in China
14 April, 2021
Vice President at Kali Hulian Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd



Luxury E-commerce in China: Digitalization and New Competition
16 Dec, 2020
Former Head of Operations at Farfetch

Forecast of China’s Macroeconomy in 2021
15 Dec, 2020
Former Chief Economist of the National Information Center

Beyond the Merchandise Trade – Macroeconomic Impact of RCEP
30 Nov, 2020
Professor, Executive Director of the Research Inst at Huazhong University of Science & Technology

Next Up for Hot Pot Consumption: The Rise of Hot Pot Supermarkets
27 Nov, 2020
Partner and VP at Beijing Fanyimeng Technology Co., Ltd

Regulations for the Cosmetics Industry: Assessing the Impact
27 Nov, 2020
Professor & Director of The Cosmetics Department at Beijing Technology And Business University, China

Digital Currency Developments
27 Sept, 2020
Former Head of product Design at Digital Currency Research Institute, People’s Bank of China (Digital Currency Research Institute, People’s Bank of China)

Prospects for Semiconductor OEM industry
25 Sept, 2020
Former Director of Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation

WeChat Commercialization and Ecosystem
11 Sept, 2020
Former Senior Director at Tencent

Industrial Robot Sector Growth Insights
1 Sept, 2020
Co-founder & CTO of ROKAE (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd

Plant-Based Meat: The Future of the Industry or Just a Fad?
1 July, 2020
CEO of Zhenrou (Beijing) Food Technology Co., Ltd

Future of Convenience Stores
30 June, 2020
Founder at Kylin Business School

Nongfu Spring’s IPO & Bottled Water in China
29 June, 2020
General manager at Zhejiang Wahaha Beverage Co., Ltd.

Luxury E-Commerce and Livestreaming – The Next Battleground?
29 June, 2020
Former Deputy Director of Marketing at Secoo

CRO Industry Updates
23 June, 2020
CEO & Shareholder at Nanjing Guanze Medical Technology Co.,Ltd

New Blueprint for Last Mile Delivery: Express Cabinets & Industry Prospects
21 May, 2020
CEO of Shanghai Kuai Shen Information Technology Co., Ltd

New Policy Impact: Simultaneous Enrolment of Public and Private Schools
15 May, 2020
Former Vice President at Ray International Education

Reviving the Luxury Industry
14 May, 2020
Co-founder at Shanghai JSH Group Co., Ltd.

Advancing China’s Data Center Industry with New Infrastructure
16 April, 2020
Former Sales Director at Gds Holdings Limited

Shaping Beauty on China’s E-commerce and Livestreaming Platforms
3 April, 2020
Partner at Beijing ZhongHe JiaMei trade Co., Ltd

E-commerce SaaS Providers Weimob & Youzan
24 March, 2020
Former Deputy General Manager of Weimob

Outbreak Trends: Pharmaceutical Supply Chain in APAC Under COVID-19
20 March, 2020
Former Managing Director at FedEx Express

Meituan Series – Food Delivery Industry
12 March, 2020
Former Vice President and Head of Instant Products Delivery at Ele.Me

Explained: China’s New Securities Law & Capital Market Liberalization
10 March, 2020
Former Consultant at Shenzhen Branch at China Securities Regulatory Commission

Live Streaming Gaming: How Market Leaders Will Fight for Resources
10 March, 2020
CEO at Shanghai Houhan Information Technology Co., Ltd.
CFO and Co-Founder at Shanghai Houhan Information Technology

Momentum in China’s Data Center Market
10 March, 2020
Former Sales Director at GDS Holdings Limited

Coronavirus’ Impact on China Real Estate
20 Feb, 2020
Founder and CEO at UTC Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Assessing Coronavirus: Impact on K12 Afterschool Education in China
20 Feb, 2020
Director of Teacher Training Department at Xueersi and Director at President Office at TAL Group

Redefining Grocery Retail: China’s Online Groceries Market
18 Feb, 2020
Former Senior Operations Director at Alibaba Group Holding Limited

Obstacle or Opportunity: E-commerce Platforms Under the COVID-19 Outbreak
17 Feb, 2020
Former Business Director and Chairman Assistant at Nanji E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

Coronavirus Impact on Semiconductor Supply Chain Operations
11 Feb, 2020
Former Chairman at JiangSu Nepes Semiconductor

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