Content Highlights 2023 Q2: Asia Pacific

APAC Roadshow

Bringing global perspectives and international talents to your region for your investment and strategy needs

  • Decarbonization and Opportunities across the Renewables Landscape
    In-person private meetings and roundtable
    End April | Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney
  • Semiconductor Capital Equipment Industry Deep Dive
    In-person private meetings and roundtable
    Mid May | Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei
  • Outlook for China’s Semiconductor Industry: US trade war, AI arms race, and the Path to Self-Sufficiency
    In-person private meetings and roundtable
    End May | Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei
  • Implications of ChatGPT and generative AI Explosion on Hardware Demand (GPUs, CPUs, memory etc.)
    In-person private meetings and roundtable
    End April | Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore
  • [Mandarin] China Data Center Operation and Expansion
    In-person private meetings
    April 19-20 | Hong Kong, Singapore
  • [Mandarin] Can TEMU replicate the success of Pinduoduo?
    In-person private meetings
    April 21 | Hong Kong, Singapore
  • [Mandarin] China fintech industry
    In-person private meetings
    April 25-26 | Hong Kong

Remote Convene

Remote Convenes spark thought-provoking perspectives between a group of experts on a specific industry topic through panel discussions and other formats.

  • Renewables in Southeast Asia Convene
    Remote Roundtable Series
  • [Mandarin] China EV Brands Channel Check
    Multiple distributors of Geely, Li Auto, BYD, etc
    Remote Roundtable Series


Here are some of our top experts who will be in your region for events and meetings to share their latest insights on the changing investment landscape this season!

  • [Mandarin] China Real Estate Industry
    In-person roundtable
    Mid-April | Hong Kong
  • [Mandarin] China Sodium-ion Battery Convene
    Multiple upstream and downstream experts in battery industry
    In-person roundtable series
    May | Beijing
  • [Mandarin] China Pet Food Industry
    In-person roundtable
    April 11 | Beijing
  • [Mandarin] Chinese FMCG Channel Checks: 2023 1H
    Multiple high volume FMCG distributors covering beer, infant milk formula, sportswear, condiment, and cosmetics
    In-person roundtable series
    June | HK

Upcoming Events

Consumer Goods & Services

  • [Mandarin] Post 618 festival express delivery channel check
    Remote Roundtable


  • CDMOs in Southeast Asia
    Remote Roundtable

Banking and Financial Services

  • India’s BFSI Series
    Remote Roundtable
  • Stability of the Australian banking sector
    Remote Roundtable

Tech, Media & Telecommunications

  • Microsoft’s GPT-4 powered Copilot for Word, Excel and Powerpoint
    Remote Roundtable
  • ChatGPT and the Acceleration of AI Singularity
    Remote Roundtable
  • Cloud Cybersecurity Outlook
    Remote Roundtable
    Vice President at Myriad 360
  • GPT-4 – Exploring its potential and implications on business
    Remote Roundtable
  • Deep Dive into India’s Q-commerce Sector
    Remote Roundtable
  • Launch & Future of ChatGPT in India
    Remote Roundtable
  • [Mandarin] Douyin Local Life
    Remote Roundtable

Energy & Industrials

  • India’s Renewables Sector Outlook – A spotlight on Solar Energy
    Remote Roundtable
  • Industrial Gas Outlook
    Remote Roundtable
  • EV Series – Spotlight on India’s Alternative energy capacity
    Remote Roundtable
  • Outlook for the Australian energy market and infrastructure
    Remote Roundtable

Legal and Regulatory

  • [Mandarin] Foreign investment in China
    Remote Roundtable

Professional Development

  • PE Best Practices | Fundraising
    Remote Roundtable

Available Transcripts and Replays

EV Supply Chain in Southeast Asia: Market Overview, Competitive Dynamics, and Outlook
March 21, 2023
Mark Rearick, Former Chair and Director – Ford Motor Company, China, BEV Division

Macau Casino: Overview of Business Operations, Latest Updates, and Future Growth Opportunities
March 22, 2023
Michael French, Former Director of Business Program Management at SJM Grand Lisboa Palace, Macau China

Micron: Current Volatile Performance and Growth Outlook for 2023
March 17, 2023
Brad Anderson, Former Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Micron Technology, Inc.

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